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Hi kids! My name is Abraham Simpson but people call me grandpa. I was born in Wales eighty four years ago but I moved to USA when I was a little boy. As you can see I have got lots of wrinkles. I am one of the oldest people in my town.

When I became older, I met my wife Mona. She was a hippie and condemned social injustices. She was so rebel that she had to abandon the country. We got married and we had a son whose name is Homer. Now I have got three loving grandchildren and a fantastic daughter in law. 
In my adulthood, I was a brave soldier in the two world wars. It was a hard experience for me.

Today, I am living in an old people’s home. I have a quiet life there but it is really boring. I usually play cards with my friends, look through the window for a long time or I just wait for the telephone ringing. Sometimes  I take care of my grandaughter Maggie. People say that I am a bit clumsy because I often forget things, stubborn and that I fall asleep easily.

Read the text and...

A-Answer the questions. Then

1.- What is grandpa’s nationality?  ____________________
2.- How old is grandpa ? ____________________________
3.-Why did Mona have to abandon the country? ___________
4.-How many grandchildren has he got? _________________
5.- Who is Homer? __________________________________
6.- Where does he live now ? __________________________
7.- Why do people say he is clumsy? ____________________
8.-Was he a soldier in the first world war? _______________
9.- Did he like the experience? ________________________
10.-Does grandpa have problems for sleeping? _____________

B-Say if the statements are True(T) or False(F)

1.- Abraham Simpson was born in America.  (         )
2.-He is forty eight years old. (         )
3.- He is the oldest person in America. (         )
4.- Mona was Abraham’s wife.  (         )
5.- Homer is my grandson.  (         )
6.- Mona was a pacifist.  (         )
7.- Today, his life is  interesting .  (         )
8.- Grandpa has got good memory.  (         )
9.- He was a soldier in the second world war. (         )
10.- People say grandpa is stubborn(         )


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