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LEITURA: English Around the World

bullettravel bug (idiom)- strong desire to travel
bulletto be bitten by the travel bug (idiom)- kind of a cute way to say when someone begins to want to travel. After the "bug" bites you, you will really want to travel.
bulletto wander- to go from one place to another without any definite plans
bulletto be in the comfort of (one's) own home- to be at home, in a familiar or comfortable place
bulletto explore- to look around and find out new things
bulletexotic (adjective)- strange, mysterious, exciting, unknown
bulletmystery- something unknown, something that needs to be found out
bulletto flock- large amounts of people go to the same place at the same time
bulletvast (adjective)- very large
bulletperspective- view, way of seeing things
bulletaccomplishment- feeling like you have done something important and good 

Have you ever had the desire to wander the world and see what was out there? While some people prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home, others have been bitten by the travel bug and can't wait to explore the world. Exotic places call to them. "Come visit me and I will show you my mysteries," they say.
Every year millions of people pack their suitcases or put on backpacks and flock to visit the seven continents of the world. They wander through the castles and museums of Europe, and the cities and natural wonders of North and South America. Some visit the vast exotic cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The great outback of Australia is a wonderland for those who go there. And a few lucky people even make to the most mysterious continent on the earth- Antarctica.
Why do people want to explore the world? It gives them a better perspective about the earth and the people living on it. It opens their minds, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment, and it makes them feel alive. So save some money, get your passport ready, and see the world. It will change your life forever.

Choose True or False. Check your answers at the bottom of the page by clicking on the arrow.

1. To be bitten by the travel bug means you like to stay home.

2. People bitten by the travel bug like to visit new places.

3. The great outback is in Europe.

4. Antarctica is in Africa.

5. Asia is vast.

6. Traveling opens your mind.

7. Traveling makes you feel alive.

8. Traveling helps you see things in a new way.




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1.- Fiona always ..... fish for dinner                                            
 a) eat             b)eates         c) eats
2.- There is …… rubbish in the bin.                                              
a) a lot of       b)any             c)many
3.- …… you …… vegetables?                                                       
  a) Do …like      b)Does…like      c) Do….likes
4.- My aunt ……. afraid of snakes.                                            
  a) are                b)do                  c) is
5.- She’s a vegetarian. She never eats ….                              
 a) fruit               b)eggs           c) meat
6.- Where …….. my breakfast?                                                  
  a)are                  b)has              c) is
7.- What time …… the train leave?                                            
a) do                  b)does             c)doing
8.- Her husband never …… her birthday.                      
 a) remember          b) remembers     c)to remember
9.- The girl is playing the violin ……                                         
 a)now              b) yesterday         c) tomorrow
10.- Diana  doesn’t …… in the afternoon.                              
 a)works               b) work                  c) working
11.- Lisa is listening ….. music.                                                    
 a) in                      b) to                       c)at
12.- Danny ……… a photograph now.                                      
 a) taking              b) is taking           c)take
13.- Our teacher always ….. us a lot of homework.             
 a) give                  b)giving               c)gives
14.- …….. John prefer  Japanese or Italian food?                  
 a)Do                    b)Does           c) Is
15.- I enjoy scary rides so I….go on the roller coaster.        
 a)never               b)often          c) seldom
16.- At this moment my mother …… abroad.                      
a)flying                b)are flying     c)is flying
17.- Barbara …..the tickets at the moment.                           
a)are buying       b)is buying     c) buying
18.- My dad ……. in the garden twice a week.                     
 a) working          b)work           c)works
19.- Martha …..fizzy drinks at all.                                      
 a)don’t drink      b) isn’t drinking     c) doesn’t drink
20.-Two boys were planting trees while other ……rubbish.    
 a) collected     b)were collecting     c)collect
21.- When did you start ……. tales?                                                 
 a)write              b)writing          c)writes
22.-The singer …….. to USA last week.                                          
 a)travel               b)travelled      c)travels
23.-My friends ………. enjoy the film yesterday.                          
 a)did                   b) didn’t            c)were
24.- John ……. a lovely ring for his girlfriend two days ago.           
a)bought           b)buying           c) buy
25.- She was born ….. 15th October.                                                  
a)in                      b) on                c) at
26.- Caroline ……. her watch at home.                                              
a)forget           b) forgotten      c)forgot
27.- You …… be quiet at the cinema                                               
a)mustn’t         b) must              c)has to
28.-We weren’t watching …….. yesterday at 7,30                        
 a) something       b)anything      c)someone
29.- While I was having dinner, the phone ……                           
a)was ringing         b)rang               c)were ringing
30.- His cousins ….abroad last year.                                            
 a)didn’t go             b)don’t go       c)haven’t gone
31.- Mr Bean …….very busy for two days.                                  
a)has been             b)have been       c)having been
32.-Sean hates travelling. He …….abroad since 1999.            
a) has been      b)hasn’t been         c)have been
33.- Adriana ……. in Africa since she was born.                       
 a)have lived      b) has living            c)has lived
34.- The pink dress is …… than the blue one.                         
 a) smaller          b)more small           c)the smallest
35.- That is the ……… handbag in the shop.                              
 a)cheapest         b)cheaper              c)more cheap
36.- She invited me to ……. restaurant in town.                       
a) better             b) the best             c)gooder
37.- These shoes aren’t …..for a walking trip.         
a)too practical    b)practical enough      c) the least practical
38.-  You ….be here at 9.00. Please don’t be late!                         
 a)can               b)has to              c) have to
39.-  Do you want to take pictures? You ….. use my digital camera.      
 a)can       c)could            c)must
40.- Are you busy now? ….. call you later?                             
 a)Do I have to       b)Should  I          c) Could I
41.- She will get the job, is she …… English.                            
a) speaks               b)speak                c) spoken
42.-If I were taller, I …… a model.                                      
 a) would                b)can                   c)apply
43.- If you make so much noise, I … able to sleep.          
a)will                     b)won’t                c)can’t
44.- You won’t understand ……you listen carefully.               
a) unless              b)if                         c)or
45.- If he ……. the doors, the burglars wouldn’t have got in.   
a)have locked       b)locked      c)had locked
46.- Those plants …… if you don’t water them.                          
 a)will grow      b)grows     c)won’t grow
47.- ………….hat is this?    It’s my father’s                                      
 a)who              b)whose     c)what
48.- My friend suggested ……. for a walk in the park.                  
a)to go            b)going       c)go
49.- Their garden  is ……….. than ours.                                          
 a)worse          b)the worst     c)badder
50.- Shall we go ……. tomorrow?                                                   
 a)skiing           b)ski            c)skying              
51.- ……  hotels on the moon in the future?           
a)People will           b)Will people    c) is people going  
52.-  When I arrived at the party, everyone ……                    
 a)danced                b)was dancing     c)is dancing
53.- I think Germany ……win the football match .                   
a)shall                       b) is going           c) will
54.- Kieran ………all the sweets by the time the other children arrived.            
a)have eaten      b)had eaten 
55.- She had studied hard so she …….answer all the questions.        
a)is able to    b)was able to      c)can
56.- Julio and Roberto are my brothers, ……them can swim.             
 a)neither      b)all of          c)both of
57.- I don’t want to go …..tonight. Let’s stay at home.                     
 a)somewhere   b)anywhere    c)nowhere
58.- Is you father in? I want to ask him ……                                       
a) anything      b)nothing      c)something
59.- Linda …….TV when the lights went out.                  
 a)was watching          b)were watching    c)is watching
60.- My uncle ……. in Greece since April.                          
a)have been               b) had               c)has been   
61.- The writer …….work on Sundays, but he doesn’t any more.      
 a) used to      b)didn’t use to       c)used
62.- My mother ……… to go out and play                         
a) tell          c) told             c) said
63.- He ……… that he was going to be late.                            
 a)say          b)said              c)told
64.-It’s very cold today. …….?                                                       
 a) it is         b) isn’t it          c) it isn’t
65.- They didn’t buy the bicycle, ……?                                     
 a) did they    b) did he       c) do they
66.-  She asked if she… … borrow my dictionary.                  
 a) will             b) could        c) could
67.- He’s the journalist ……… daughter is a singer.               
 a) who          b)whose        c) which
68.-That’s the apartment …... I grew up.                                
 a) which        b)where        c) that
59.-This suitcase is ….. heavy for her to carry.                       
a) to               b)enough      c) too
60.- Today it’s not warm ….. to go to the beach                      
a)enough       b)very           c)too
61.- A butcher is someone …. sells meat.                                 
a)whose       b)who             c) which
62.- The furniture …….. by three men.                                     
a)were delivered               b) was delivered
63.- The footballer ……. offered a million € for the transfer.             
a)has offered          b) has been
64.- A song contest ……… by a French  magazine.                             
a)being organizing     b)being organized
65.-The exhibition ……..opened by the Queen.                                 
 a)will  be                    b)were
66.-The forest ……… by the fire two years ago.                                 
 a)were destroyed     b)was destroyed
67.- The girls drew all these pictures  by …………                        
 a) ourselves       b)herselves   c)themselves
68.-While she was chopping carrots she accidentally cut….         
a)himself     b)herself       c) itself
69.-Anne ……. German before she became a teacher.            
a)has studied    b)has been studying  c)had studied
70.-Elizabeth! ……… wants you on the phone.                         
 a)some            b)something        c)someone
71.- He speaks so …… that I can’t understand him                  
a)quick             b) more quick      c)quickly
72.- You ……. buy any apples, there are enough.                      
a) can              b)needn’t             c)must
73.- If she doesn’t tell me the truth, I ……. punish her.           
 a)won’t           b)will                    c) could
74.- The children were doing homework and I …... dinner.       
a)cooked    b)was cooking    c)were cooked
75.-I told the police that the thief ……. my bag.                          
a) had taken     b)has taken    c) had took
76.-The man was crossing the street when the accident ………     
 a) happens    b)happened    c)happening
77.-These are the tickets ………. Brian won at the quiz show.        
 a)who            b)which            c) when  
78.-Hector …….  the party when his friend arrived.                   
a)have left           b)had left        c)is left
79.-The police officer laughed ……..                                               
a)slow                  b)loudly           c)loud
80.- John speaks English very well because he …… in New York for ten years.  
 a)have lived     b)has lived


1-c                              41-a
2-a                             42-a
3-a                             43-b
4-c                             44-a
5-c                             45-c
6-c                             46-c
7-b                             47-b
8-b                             48-b
9-a                             49-a
10-b                           50-a
11-b                            51-b
12-b                           52-b
13-c                            53-c
14-b                           54-b
15-b                            55-b
16-c                            56-c
17-b                           57-b
18-c                            58-c
19-c                            59-a
20-b                          60-c
21-b                           61-a
22-b                          62-b
23-b                           63-b
24-a                          64-b
25-b                           65-a
26-c                           66-b
27-b                          67-c
28-b                           68-b
29-b                          69-c
30.-a                         70-c
31-a                            71-c
32-b                           72-b
33-c                           73-b
34-a                           74-b
35-a                           75-a
36-b                           76-b
37-b                           77-b
38-c                           78-b
39-a                           79-b
40-b                          80-b


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GRAMÁTICA: Tense review biography of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg: Biography
Born on May 14, 1984, in New York. Since starting the social networking website Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg                       .                          (help) revolutionize the way people, and even businesses, interact and connect with each other online. He                      (come) from a comfortable, well-educated background. His father ran a dental practice at the family's home. His mother                       (work) a psychiatrist before the birth of the couple's four children but gave up work to look after the family.
Zuckerberg developed an interest in computers at an early age. While he                                   (study) at Harvard he                         (begin) work on his own social network, which later                     (become) known as Facebook. Before this, some of his fellow students                       (ask) him to work on a social networking site called Harvard Connection but Zuckerberg                            (drop) their project to work on Facebook instead. The creators of Harvard Connection                       (since claim) that Zuckerberg stole their idea, while Zuckerberg                      (always maintain) that they are two very different types of social networks. Although an initial settlement                              (reach) between the two parties in 2008, the legal dispute over this matter remains ongoing.
Facebook                       (co-found) by Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin. The group ran the site, first called, out of a dorm room at Harvard. However, by August 2004 Zuckerberg                      .                          (drop) out of college to devote himself to Facebook full time, moving the company to California.
By December 2004, Facebook had 1 million users. By December 2005 Facebook had more than 5.5 million users. There are now more than 500 million users on Facebook. Zuckerberg                      (turn down) offers from Yahoo! and MTV Networks who want to buy the network site; instead he                          .   (focus) on growing the site, continuously adding more features to Facebook..
In 2010, the film The Social Network                      (release) which charts the creation of Facebook. It                       .                     (base on) the 2003 book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. Zuckerberg's life story                               .                              (tell) in an upcoming comic book by Bluewater Productions Inc.
According to Forbes magazine, Zuckerberg is worth approximately $6.9 billion, surpassing even Apple founder Steve Jobs.                                                                   Adapted from
Are you addicted to Facebook? How often do you use it? How long do spend on the site?
How many of your Facebook friends have you met online? Do you ‘friend’ people you’ve never met?
What are the pro’s and con’s of using Facebook?

1.      has helped
2.     comes
3.     had been working
4.     was studying
5.     began
6.     became
7.     had asked
8.     had dropped
9.     have since claimed
10.   has always maintained
11.    was reached
12.   was co-founded
13.   had dropped
14.   has turned down
15.   has focussed
16.   was released
17.   is based on
18.   will be told
by Laura44