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Hi kids! My name is Marge Simpson and I live with my family in Springfield, USA. I am thirty three years old. My husband’s name is Homer and we have got three beautiful children: one son and two daughters.
I am a housewife. I clean the house everyday. I prepare the meals, wash the dishes, iron the clothes, go shopping and look after little Maggie, which is my favourite hobby. She is a cute baby and she likes crawling all around the house and playing cubes. She sucks her red pacifier all the time.
In my free time, I often meet my two sisters and we have tea. They smoke a lot and I tell them that it is bad for their health. I also go for a walk in a park nearby. When it is cold outside, I light a fire in the chimney and set about solving crosswords and word-searches but what I like best is to stay at home and share every single minute with my family. If you ever visit Springfield, I can prepare a delicious apple tart for you.

Read the text and answer the questions.  

1.- How old is Marge Simpson?
2.- How many sons has she got?
3.-What does she do?
4.-What is her favourite hobby?
5.- What does little Maggie like doing?
6.- What colour is little Maggie’s pacifier?
7.- How many sisters has she got?
8.- Have her sisters got good healthy habits?
9.- What does Marge do in he free time ?
10.-What does she do when it is cold outside?

Say if the statements are True(T) or False(F)

1.- Marge is thirty four years old.
2.- Marge cleans the house once a week.
3.- Marge has got three sisters.
4.- Marge is a good cook.
5.- Maggie likes playing with cubes.
6.- Marge advises her sisters about smoking.
7.- Marge loves being with her family.
8.- She likes being in the fireplace when it is cold.
9.- She knows how to make apple tarts.
10.-Maggie is always sucking her pacifier.




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