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In August 2008, Boyle applied for an audition for the third series of Britain's Got Talent and was accepted after a preliminary audition. When Boyle first appeared on the show, she said that she aspired to become a professional singer "as successful as" Elaine Paige. Boyle sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables in the first round. This extraordinary performance was widely reported and tens of millions of people viewed the video on YouTube. Boyle is aware that the audience on Britain's Got Talent was initially hostile to her because of her appearance, but she has refused to change her image. Paige has expressed interest in singing a duet with Boyle, and has called her "a role model for everyone who has a dream". Cameron Mackintosh, the producer of the Les Misérables musical, also praised the performance, as "heart-touching, thrilling and uplifting". She was the clear favourite to win the final, but ended up in second place.

Boyle's first album, I Dreamed a Dream, was released on 23 November 2009. It became's best-selling album. In Britain, Susan's debut album was recognised as the fastest selling UK debut album of all time selling 411,820 copies. On 8 November 2010, Boyle released her second album, which was a Christmas album entitled The Gift. In November 2010, Boyle became only one of three to ever top both the UK and US album charts twice in the same year

She is a gift to reality television. Her story is highly inspirational, the buried talent uncovered. It is wonderful that her stunning voice is now recognised. Her dream has become reality. Susan is a reminder that it's time we all looked a little deeper. Susan has been forgiven her looks and been given respect because of her talent.
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A. Find words in the paragraph 1 that mean the same as the following:
1.       a short performance by a singer that someone watches to judge     _______________
2.       very unusual or surprising     _______________
3.       one of the parts of a competition     _______________
4.       angry and deliberately unfriendly towards someone     _______________
5.       a piece of music for two singers     _______________

B. Determine whether each of the statements is true (T) or false (F).
1.       Elaine Paige is a very successful singer. 
2.       Susan Boyle changed her image in order to make herself more popular.
3.       Susan Boyle did not win Britain's Got Talent. She was the second runner-up.
4.       Susan Boyle’s dream has come true.

C. Answer the following questions based on information from the passage.
1.       Name all Susan Boyle’s albums to date.
2.       Did Cameron Mackintosh like Susan’s rendition of ‘I dreamed a dream’? Explain.
3.       What does it mean by the sentence ‘it’s time we all looked a little deeper’.

D. Fill in the blanks with the following words.

adored      amazing      broken      charts      frenzy      level      Superwoman

Reportedly Susan's latest album, 'The Gift' reached the top of the (1)_______________ on either side of the Atlantic and made her the first solo artist ever to have reached that (2)_______________, beating great legends like Madonna and Elvis Presley too, in the process. This (3)_______________ woman has the most beautiful renditions thereby making her the darling of millions of fans in the UK and the US. It was around the same time around last year when her album 'I Dreamed A Dream' had achieved the same kind of success and created quite a (4)_______________ during the festive season. That was her first solo album. Susan Boyle is (5)_______________ by all her fans. Simon Cowell, one of the most adored judges amongst all reality show judges, calls her his (6)_______________! Susan Boyle has (7)_______________ records which only the likes of Beetles and the Monkees have been able to achieve in the recent past.
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1.       audition
2.       extraordinary
3.       round
4.       hostile
5.       duet

1.       T
2.       F
3.       F
4.       T

1.       I dreamed a dream; The Gift
2.       Yes, he praised the performance, as "heart-touching, thrilling and uplifting.
3.       We should focus on inner beauty / talents rather than appearance.

1.       charts
2.       level
3.       amazing
4.       frenzy
5.       adored
6.       Superman
7.       broken

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