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51 Ways to ‘Break the Ice’ in English - ENGLISH TONIGHT

51 Ways to ‘Break the Ice’ in English

No, we are not going to break real ice. We You are going to break the ice.
Break the ice means to initiate or start social interactions with someone. So, basically talk to someone that you have never talked to before.
Don’t be shy. Don’t get nervous. The most important thing is that you say something. You will never be able to connect to someone and build a relationship if you don’t talk.
When learning English, you might feel like you don’t have the right words. Or maybe you have the right words in your language but have no idea how to say them in English. Or sometimes you start a conversation but run out of interesting things to say very quickly.
When meeting someone new, don’t be afraid to speak in English or make mistakes. You will never get better if you don’t practice. Try to be confident and do your best. Most people will be respectful when you are speaking English and try to understand what you are saying, even if you do make mistakes. The best way to build your confidence in speaking English to new people is by actually doing it.
Meeting someone new is the perfect opportunity to practice speaking English. Remember the more you talk, the more naturally it will sound and practice makes perfect.
51 Ways to ‘Break the Ice’ in English:
1. Hi, I’m [me].
2. So, you’re friends with [my friend].
3. I love your shirt. Where did you get it?
4. So, you like soccer?
5. What do you think about the music they play here?
6. Have you read anything else by that author?
7. Did you see what happened in the news last night?
8. I love this song! Are you a big Bruno Mars fan?
9. You look familiar. Did you grow-up around here?
10. I think I know you from somewhere. Do you go to New York University?
11. Aren’t you Maria from my English class?
12. I’ve never been here before. What do you recommend from the menu?
13. Do you know how to log into the Wi-Fi?
14. Hey, is the internet down right now?
15. I like your shoes.
16. Your hair is so beautiful.
17. Who cuts your hair? I love it.
18. So…. You like to watch baseball.
19. You work in marketing, right?
20. Doesn’t it hurt to walk in shoes like that?
21. How’s it going?
22. Good morning!
23. Do you know where I can get some good sushi around here?
24. How long have you been working here?
25. Do you like working for Wal-Mart?
26. Dang! How much coffee do you drink?
27. Can I get in on the next game?
28. Sorry to bother you, but do you know any good mechanics?
29. Hey, I have to find 50 people to take a survey for my business class. Can you help me out?
30. Man! It’s been a rough week. I really need a strong drink. Do you want one?
31. What are you drinking?
32. Is this your first time you’ve been to a Justin Bieber concert?
33. Do you know where the bathroom is?
34. Have you lived in Miami for long?
35. This place is really nice. Do you come here a lot?
36. I bet I can beat you at pool (billiards).
37. Do you want to play volleyball with us? We need one more person on our team.
38. Do you know how this thing works?
39. What cell phone company do you have? I’m thinking about changing mine.
40. Do you like your iPhone? I really want the new one.
41. Have you heard of any good movies coming out? I am going to the theater with friends tomorrow and we need to decide on something to see.
42. Are you new here? I’ve never seen you working out here before.
43. Hi! Aren’t you Jeffrey’s daughter?
44. I haven’t seen you in a long time! How have you been?
45. Did this song just come out? I’ve never heard it before.
46. I hate this song. It’s on the radio every other minute.
47. Do you know where I can buy ticket to big soccer match on Sunday?
48. So, you’re a Yankees fan. How are they doing this season?
49. Well, this is awkward. I hate sitting in silence.
50. That was weird. I’ve never seen such a crazy thing happen here before.
51. So, your t-shirt says Puerto Rico. Did you go there on vacation recently?
Once you’ve broke the ice, KEEP TALKING and only stop to ask questions. By asking a lot of questions, you are making the other person do all of the work. They are talking and telling you about themselves, their likes, dislikes and you just need to listen. Your job is to sit back, listen and think of the next question. Listening to someone talk will also improve your comprehension and listening skills and increase your vocabulary.
Being a good listener and having great English conversation skills are two great skills that you will develop over time. The key is to practice talking or conversing with as many people as possible.
So, next time you are at a bar, the beach, a party or a coffee shop and want to start a conversation in English with someone new. Don’t hesitate.
1: Take a deep breath
2. Smile
3. Break the ice :)


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