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Phrasal verbs (separable)

Ask out - invite to go somewhere
Blow up - inflates; explode
Blurt out - say something unexpectedly
Bring back - return
Bring up - mention; raise children
Burn down - burn a building to the ground
Burn up - destroy by burning
Call up - telephone
Call off - cancel
Chase down - follow someone to catch them
Cheer up - make someone happy
Clear up - correct a misunderstanding
Cross out - draw a line through
Dream up - imagine
Drown out - overwhelm with noise
Dry off - remove moisture from a surface
Egg on - encourage
Explain away - give an excuse for something
Fight off - defend successfully
Figure out - find an answer
Fill in/out - complete a form
Find out - discover
Fix up - repair or renovate
Get across - make understandable
Get down - depress
Give away - distribute at no cost
Give back - return something to the owner
Hand in - submit
Hand out - distribute
Hand over - surrender something
Keep away from - avoid
Lead on - give false hope to someone
Leave out - omit
Let down - disappoint
Look over - examine; inspect
Look up - find information a reference book
Make up - create; invent
Mark down - discount a price
Mess up - make something disorganized or dirty
Mix up - confuse
Pencil in - make a tentative appointment
Pick out - select; choose
Pick up - come to get; lift something
Point out - show; mention
Put away - store
Put back - return to a customary place
Put down - place something on a surface; insult
Put off - postpone; delay
Put on - start wearing
Put out - extinguish something burning
Rip up - tear into small pieces
Screw up - make a mistake
Slow down - make something go more slowly
Take back - return; retract a statement
Take in - give shelter; deceive; adjust in size
Take off - remove clothes; leave
Take on - accept a challenge
Take out - act as host on a date
Talk over - discuss
Tear up - rip into small pieces
Tell off - express angry response to someone
Think over - consider
Think up - create
Throw away - discard
Try on - test the way something fits
Try out - test the way something works
Turn down - refuses an offer or invitation
Turn down - decrease the sound level
Turn off - stop the operation of a machine
Turn on - start the operation of a machine
Turn up - increase the sound level
Work out - resolve
Write down - make a note of something

Phrasal verbs (non-separable)

Break down
- stop working or functioning
Break up with - end a relation ship
Catch up with - become equal to; level with
Chicken out - be afraid to continue an action
Come up - happen
Come up with - invent
Fade away - gradually disappear
Fizzle out - become ineffective
Flunk out - fail in school
Get over - recover from a shock or illness
Get up - leave bed in the morning
Give in - surrender
Go on - continue
Go over - review
Go through with - continue with resolve
Give up - quit
Give up on - stop trying
Go with - date exclusively
Goof off - waste time
Goof up - make a mistake
Grow up - get bigger and older
Hang out - spend free time somewhere
Keep on - continue
Lighten up - become less serious
Look after - take care of someone
Look down on - have a poor opinion of; disdain
Look up to - admire
Make up with - reestablish a relationship
Pass out - faint
Put up with - tolerate
Run across - find or meet by chance
Run into - collide; meet unexpectedly
Run over - hit someone with a vehicle
Show off - act conspicuously
Stay up - not go to bed
Turn around - face the opposite direction
Work out - exercise


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