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Easter is an important religious festivity in the UK and traditions are not very different from those in other European countries.
    Easter eggs and bunnies, symbolizing the coming of spring and new life, are given as presents at this time of the year. But there are other traditions involving eggs. One of them is “Egg-rolling”. People decorate hard boiled eggs with different colours, then take the eggs to the top of a hill and roll them down. The first egg to reach the bottom wins. In Avenham Park, in Lancashire, the annual egg-rolling attracts more than 40,000 people. Nowadays, it’s common, though, to use chocolate eggs in this competition instead of real eggs.
    Another Easter tradition is “Egg hunting”. Parents tell their children that the Easter bunny has brought some Easter eggs and has hidden them in the garden. The children then look for the eggs and the one with the most eggs is the winner.
    In the UK, hot cross buns are very popular at Easter. These delicious loaves of bread are made with fruit and spices and they have a cross on the top, symbolizing the 4 quarters of the moon – the hot bun. They are best eaten hot.
    Throughout the UK there are also East parades. Adults and children wear special Easter bonnets, decorated with lots of spring flowers. 
    On Easter Sunday many British go to Church, which are usually decorated with lots of flowers. Special Easter songs are sung during the religious service. Afterwards, families get together for a special Easter lunch, usually roast lamb with mint sauce and vegetables, followed by the traditional Simnel cake.  On Easter Monday people usually stay home and watch some sport on TV, or they go out for the day.


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