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English Exercises > modals exercises > would in negative statements

English Exercises > modals exercises > would in negative statements
A. INSTRUCTIONS: fill in the gaps with the NEGATIVE form of would and the verb in parenthesis.
1. Mike  a car even if he had the money to do so. (buy)
2. Belinda  me as her boyfriend if I asked her to. (accept)
3. I  you to leave this country for ever. (like)
4. If Belinda kissed me, I  anyone. (tell)
5. If I went to Nina's party, I  my Histoty essay for tomorrow. (finish)
6. I  they were coming if you didn't tell me. (know)
7. If I had the chance of going to England, I . (go)
8. If it were not for Simon Bolivar, Colombia  an independent country. (be)
9. If I had something more interesting to do, I  Parchese all day. (play)
10. If I lived in a dangerous neighbourhood, I  the dog out for a walk late at night. (take)
B. INSTRUCTIONS: Organize the following words to make coherent sentences in affirmative and negative form. Don't forget to use proper punctuation.
1. would/accept/I/not/go out/to/with/her
2. would/I/take/the/home/boy/vacations/for
3. would/not/a/buy/car/you
4. would/tell/her/I
5. would/not/they/rugby/play

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