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              QUESTION TAGS
1. You are a primary school student,?
2. You are not ready,?
3. She is at home now, ?
4. Amy isn't in the garden,?
5. I am not interested in maths,?
6. I am good at English,?
7. They go online every day,?                                            
8. She wants a new car,?
9. I read a lot,?
10. She came late last night,?
11. They didn't show up,?
12. You don't know the answer,?
13. Patrick doesn't see well,?
14. He was in New York,?
15. They weren't successful,?
16. Sit down,?
17. He's just broken the window,?
18. I haven't done that,?
19. They haven't been waiting long,?
20. He will tell her all about that,?
21.      I am a student,?
22.      I am not talking to you,?
23.      You are my best friend,?
24.      You are not on the list,?
25.      You told nobody,?
26.      Maisie isn’t the youngest in your family, ?
27.      Peter and John are the best students,?
28.      They aren’t invited,?
29.      I really like English,?
30.  You study a lot lately,?
31.  She finishes her homework on time,?
32.  don’t want to do that again,?
33.  You never do your homework,?
34.  I wasn’t good enough,?
35.  You and John were on time,?
36.  Susie was reading at 8 o’clock,?
37. The boys were sleeping,?
38. Answer the doll bell,?
39.You didn’t do your homework,?
40. I slept all day yesterday,?
41. You made this coffee,?
42. He wouldn’t help us,?
43. She hasn’t done that,?
44. I will come,?
45. He won’t tell anyone,?
46. I should tell her all about it,?
47. She shouldn’t smoke so much,?
48. You would like to go,?
49. She can't swim,?
50. He's going to fail the test,?

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