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Read the story. Then take the quiz at the end of the story.

Susan and Henry have a nice house. They moved into the house ten years ago. They like it very much. It has one big problem. It is very small. They have four rooms. They have three children and two dogs. The children are seven, nine, and twelve years old. Susan and Henry want to move to a big house. They decided to sell their house and buy a big one.

They wanted to clean the house. Henry painted the living room and the kitchen. He painted the living room light blue and the kitchen white. Susan vacuumed the rugs in all the rooms. Then she scrubbed the kitchen floor. She scrubbed the bathroom floor too.

They decided they had too many things. Susan had three beautiful dresses, but they didn't fit. She gave them to her sister. The kids had some nice baby toys. She gave them to her friend. The kids had some old school papers. They didn't want the papers anymore. They recycled them.

Now Susan and Henry's house is very clean and neat. They are going to sell it next week. They asked a real estate agent to help them. People are going to come and look at it next Sunday. They are looking for a new house too.
Choose the correct answer and then click Check Your Answers to see if you are right. Then come back to this place to see your score.

   1. How many children do Susan and Henry have now?
         1. Two.
         2. Three.
         3. Seven, nine, and twelve.

   2. How many children did they have ten years ago?
         1. One.
         2. Two.
         3. Three.

   3. Do they like their house?
         1. Yes.
         2. No.
         3. I don't know.

   4. Why do they want to sell their house?
         1. It is very big.
         2. It is very small.
         3. I don't know.

   5. What color did Henry paint his bedroom?
         1. White.
         2. Light blue.
         3. I don't know.

   6. What did the kids do with their old school papers?
         1. They threw them away.
         2. They recycled them.
         3. They gave them to their friends.

   7. Who's going to help them sell their house?
         1. Susan's sister.
         2. Their friends.
         3. A real estate agent.

   8. When did Susan give her sister the dresses?
         1. Last week.
         2. Last Sunday.
         3. I don't know.

   9. When are people going to come and look at the house?
         1. Next Saturday.
         2. Next Sunday
         3. Last Sunday.

  10. Is Henry going to paint the kitchen?
         1. No, he painted it.
         2. Yes, he is going to paint it next week.
         3. I don't know.

  11. Is Henry going to paint the bathroom?
         1. No, he painted it.
         2. Yes, he is going to paint it next week.
         3. I don't know.

  12. Did Susan clean the kitchen floor very well?
         1. Yes.
         2. No.
         3. I don't know.



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