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Writing - DICAS 1

Write an essay on the following subject: What is a very important skill a person should learn?
Use some of the following expressions and words to improve your style:
To express your point of view:
- In order to…
- Dealing with smt. can be…
- Finally,…
- In my opinion,…
- In other words,…
- Therefore,…
- I deem the ability +inf is the most important skill of a person
- Thus,…
- That is why I believe…
- In short,…
- Although…
- In my point of view,…
- There are many reasons to support my…
- From all above, I think…
- However,…
- Indeed,…
- I decided to explore the question

Additional vocabulary:
- to achieve smt.
- to prevent smt.
- to succeed
- to be capable of + ing
- to get a variety of answers
- Nobody is omnipotent
- to depend on smt.
- important factors
- to engage the opportunity
- to research alternatives
- to analyze solutions
- to make the most positive impact on your profession.

Vocabulary on the subject:
- Being successful means being…
- to associate smt. with smt.
- leadership
- to be unsatisfied
- to handle the teamwork
- to deal with conflicts
- to overcome the obstacles
- Life is a process of constant learning
- the ability to learn quickly
- to be a victim of time
- to adapt to new changes
- to acquire new knowledge
- to master the required skills
- society needs
- to operate a computer
- to communicate
- to increase work efficiency
- the society requires smt.
- cooperation
- to exchange thoughts and information
- The world is changing
- spirituality
- peace of mind
- intellectual hunger
- to be truly effective
- to execute a particular skill
- to perform many different tasks
- to evaluate your ideas
- to solve the problem


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