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Writing - DICAS 2 - Writing a paragraph


A paragraph is a group of sentences about one subject area.

A paragraph usually has three parts:

A topic sentence which introduces the main idea.
At least 2-3 supporting details to support the main idea.
A concluding sentence to provide closure.

Supporting sentences can give different kinds of information such as:
explanations examples details facts opinions reasons

Planning a Paragraph According to the Three Parts

TOPIC: Bicycle Country

Topic sentence: Holland is a perfect country for riding bicycles.
Supporting detail (1): It is very safe.
Supporting detail (2): Most parts of Holland are completely flat.
Concluding sentence: People of all ages ride bicycles every day.

Model Paragraph
Bicycle Country:

Holland is a perfect country for riding bicycles. First of all, it is very safe because every street has a special bicycle path. These bicycle paths are found in the big cities and also on the roads between the cities. Secondly, most paths of Holland are completely flat. Bicycle riders almost never have to worry about riding uphill. To sum up, because bicycling riding in Holland is so safe and easy, people of all ages ride bicycles every day.

The Use of Connectors

Your writing will be clearer if you show how your ideas are connected. Look at the underlined words in the model above. Do you see how they hold the ideas together?

First of all / First / Firstly For example / For instance / such as
Second / Secondly although / whereas
In addition (to) / Moreover / Furthermore To sum up / In conclusion


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