sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

QUIZ - What sort of person are you?

1- Are you a cinema person or a video person?
a. What kind of films do you like / hate?
b. How often do you go the cinema? / When do you watch films at home?
c. Who do you go to the cinema with?
d. What’s your favourite film?
e. Name 3 films you like/ hate.

2- Are you a restaurant person or an eat-at-home person?
a. Can you cook?
b. What’s your favourite food?
c. Tell me some food you can cook.
d. How often do you go to a restaurant?
e. Who do you go to a restaurant with?
f. Name 3 dishes you like / hate.

3- Are you a TV person or a book person?
a. What’s your favourite film / book?
b. When do you watch TV / read?
c. Do you think you’re a TV addict?
d. What’s your favourite programme?
e. Do you like “Big Brother”? Why / why not?
f. What kind of books / programmes do you like?
g. What’s the last book / film you have read /watched?

4- Are you  an indoor person or an outdoor person?
a. What do you do at home?
b. What are your hobbies?
c. Do you like being alone or staying with your family?
d. Where do you go?
e. When do you go out?
f. Do you like travelling?
g. Have you visited a lot of cities? Which ones?


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