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GRAMÁTICA: Picture This - Prepositions of Time


English Grammar

Picture This - Prepositions of Time

Picture It Clip Art Preposition Example
wristwatch at
(a time)
"I got to work at 8.00 this morning."
calendar on
(a day)
"I'll see you on Tuesday."
calendar on
(a date)
"I have an appointment on the 31st."
calendar in
(a month)
"My birthday is in June"
calendar in
(a year)
"I was born in 1959"
morning in
(the morning)
"I get up in the morning."
afternoon in
(the afternoon)
"I have lunch in the afternoon."
evening in
(the evening)
"I go home in the evening."
night at
"I go to bed at night."
winter in
(a season)
"It usually snows in the winter."

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