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The main reason many teens want to talk about family finances is because they want to know if their parents are going to have enough cash on hand for them to be able to go to college.
To his great credit, my dad didn’t wait around for me to pop the questions about family finances when I was a teen. He sat me down when I was 14 and gave me the same speech he had given each of my three older sisters.
“Bill”, he said, “your mother and I know that you’ll want to go to college in a few years, and we want you to know that we are prepared to do for you just what we have promised to do for each of your three sisters. We will pay whatever it costs for you to attend the local state university and to live at home. Anything above and beyond that will be your responsibility. So, let me encourage you to start thinking about getting a part-time job and saving your money so that when the time comes, you will have the opportunity to go to the college of your choice”.
I took his advice to heart. Like my three sisters before me, I went to part-time when I was in high school and dutifully save my earnings so that one day I could go to the college of my choice.

1- Why do many teens want to talk to their parents about family finances?
2- What advice did Bill’s father give him?
3- Did Bill follow his father’s advice? Why?
4- Would you like to study in another country? Why?
5- If you were Bill, would you take the advice? Why?
6- Which course would you like to take at university?


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