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ESL Games

Welcome to English Club ESL Games, where you can have fun and improve your English at the same time. hangmanHangman
Can you beat the hangman? Guess the English word before you're hanged! Words for Animals, Business, Sport and more...
Improve your English vocabulary with an ESL crossword puzzle. Choose from different subject areas like Air Travel, Verbs, Money...
Jumbled Words
The letters of each word are jumbled (all mixed up). Can you put them in the right order?
Fun Stuff
Here are a few fun games for you to try. They are not specifically ESL games, but you may learn a few words of English with them.
Matt Errey Matching Games
Can you find the matching word? In these matching games by Matt Errey (the inventor of Word Up), you try to find pairs of opposites, synonyms, phrasal verbs...
Take the Word Up Tour!Do you like games for learning English? Take the Word Up tour! Click Here

More Matching Games
Can you find the words that go together?
Typing Test
How fast can you type English...without making a mistake?
Rest Page for Buttons
Where do tired Internet buttons go? On this page you can watch buttons sleeping.
Games & Contests Forum
Discuss and play games, win a competition.
Puzzles and fun for Young Learners
Monthly Games with Gamer on MyEC
ESL Games Links
Learn English faster with Word Up!English Club Product Tip:
WORD UP is an excellent way to learn English fast! It's a special ESL board game that's fun to play at home with friends or at school with other students. Word Up is a quiz-style game that tests your grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of English. Suitable for all ages and levels. Get Word Up now. Have fun! Learn English! Guaranteed! Click here to learn more! - because people speak English

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