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Many people think Nokia, the largest maker of mobile phones in the world, is Japanese. But it is, in fact, a Finnish company.


Nokia’s history began in 1865, when engineer Fredirk Idestam established a paper mill by a riverbank in southern Finland, just over 100 miles north of Helsinki. The company, which was named Nokia, became successful in producing rubber boots, tyres and wood products. A large workforce came to the Nokia factory, and a town with the same name grew up around it.


Nokia didn’t begin the journey into telecommunications until the 1960s. During the 1980s, Nokia started to produce TVs. By 1988 it had already been the Europe’s third-largest television manufacturer. In May 1992 the company appointed Jorma Ollila to head of the Nokia Group. Nokia then made the strategic decision to focus on telecommunications. So they entered mobile market only in early 9os.


Today Nokia is a world leader which produces not only mobile phones but also computer and internet products. It has more than 100.000 employees worldwide, a lot of shops around the world. Nokia is a company which sells more than 1/3 of all mobile phones in the world and earns 55 billion Euros per year.


Nokia is a company with bright future. They continue working on new ideas, spending heavily on research and development. They promise to develop new internet ideas and provide the market with a new kind of game station.

1. Choose the correct heading for paragraphs A-D from the list of headings below. Write the correct number, 1-4, in the boxes in the text.

1. Nokia and the future
2. New business dimensions
3. Founding of Nokia
4. Statistics

2. Read the paragraphs again and answer the following questions in written form.
1.     Who started Nokia?
2.   When was the company started?
3.   Name three things that Nokia made.
4.   How did the Nokia enter the communication Market?
5.    When did Jorma Ollila become the head of the Nokia?
6.   What was changed in the company after his designation?
7.    When did Nokia start making mobile phones?
8.   How many employees has Nokia got now?
9.   What does it sell today?

3. Find at least 5 keywords* in each paragraph, which tell you about its main idea.

4. Underline sentences which, in your opinion, must be included in a short description of the company.

5. Write a paragraph of 120-150 words to describe Nokia.


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