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VOCABULARY: Words that have more than one meaning

1.        I'm taking an Arabic course at the moment.
I'm going to have fish for my main course
2.     He wrote her a note before he left.
She found the top note difficult to sing.
3.     It's hot so let's sit in the shade.
That shade of red doesn't suit her.
4.     She packed trunk for the ocean voyage.
We sat on a fallen tree trunk to rest.
5.     He gave her a beautiful diamond ring for her birthday.
Ring me later. I'll be home in an hour.
6.     The stars look bright tonight.
Lots of movie stars live in Hollywood.
7.     He sat on the river bank to fish.
I must go to the bank to get some cash.
8.     The new head of the department is a woman.
He's got a smart head on his shoulders.
9.     We always eat there so let's go somewhere else for a change.
Can you change this money into coins?
10. He caught the ball with one hand.
The house caught fire when the cigarette fell from the ashtray.
11.   When I was a student, I was a member of the law society.
A strong legal system is important in a modern society.
12. Tutankhamun was a very famous Egyptian ruler.
I’m doing my maths homework- can I borrow your rules, please?
13.  Taking another person’s property is theft.
The price of the property in the city has increased dramatically this year.
14. In the final of the championship, the players were on court for two hours.
Three men will appear in court tomorrow accused of dangerous driving.
15.  He did a fine job of washing my car.
He had to pay a fine because he was driving without insurance.
16. Secretaries used to spend most of their time typing letters and report.
What type of music do you like best?
17.   This is the first case that the police had investigated
My brother used one case to carry his luggage and baggage.
18. What does the word court mean?
I think he isn’t as mean as his parents.


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